Nordcom gallery artists Andrey Karpov, Eugenia Infelicina and Lev Povzner held jojnt exhibition with Nancy Nakamura Ideederiiul at Kopli 83,Tallinn

The project was successful. Several painting of Eugenia Infelicina and Lev Povzner was sold.

Nancy Nakamura Ideederiiul (Nancy Nakamura shelfs of ideas) is a Project of the contemporary artist and curator Kadi Estland. The essence of her Project was to show that a woman can self-actualize, for example, in the art. The Project provided space and support for entering contemporary female artists. in parallel, the Project took place in one of the most depressed urban areas where Russians and Estonians live together. The project has allowed residents of urban suburbs to take a fresh look at life opportunities.

Kadi Estland and her works.


                                                        "The Sadness Corridor"                                "Hair extention" 2013

                                                         and 'Potato curtains" 2014