1 Terms and Conditions

1. Term and Conditions apply between the purchase of products via e-shop Nordcomgallery.ee (hereinafter The Client) and owner Nordcomgallery.ee represented Nordcom building OU (hereinafter Nordcomgallery.ee) to establish procedures and rules of buying and selling, as well as to resolve issues related with the legal obligations of both parties.

2 In addition to these Terms and Conditions all relations between Nordcombuilding.ee and The Client shall be governed the Republic of Estonia legislative acts.

2 Prices

1.All prices are given in euros and are not subject to VAT.

2.Prices can be added shipping charge according to the chosen method of delivery when purchasing or another agreed method of delivery.

3. Customs duties in the delivery to outside the EU will be covered by the Customer upon delivery.

4.Nordcomgallery.ee reserves the right to adjust prices, if The Client sent a request before the price change takes effect, then its price is valid for, which was reflected in the accountat the time of the execution order.

3 Payment for Products

1. The Client first has to choose between the following payment methods:

- Prepaymen tinvoice. An invoice will be sent to The Client an order confirmation e-mail. The Client pays 100% of the order amount to confirm your order, making the transfer of 100% of a suitable bank customer's account.

2.The payment terms are 5 days from the invoice date. If the money is not received by the payment dead line, the order and the invoice will be canceled automatically.

4 Delivery of products

1. The Client has to choose between the following delivery methods.

2. If the products in stock delivery time is 5 working days to EU and 7 days to non EU.

3.Nordcomgallery.ee  undertakes to inform The Client of the delivery term changes as soon as possible after the receipt of information.

4. If there is a possibility that delivery time would be longer or impossible in a period that was specified during the ordering process, or delay in delivery of the productsdue to any other reason, does not depend on Norcombuilding.ee, Norcombuilding.ee undertakes to notify The Client via the communication channels specified when ordering (ie, phone or e-mail), as well as to inform the possible product delivery deadline.

5. The delivery of products provides across Estonia, EU and G20. Addressed to the Estonia islands shipments are delivered in accordance with the transport connection frequencies.

6.As soon as the products have arrived in the mail carrier's customer service, Nordcomgallery informs The Client by e-mail.

7. The Client is required before the order is made to verify the accuracy of their contact information to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of products. Nordcomgallery.ee is not liable for product delivery delays and misunderstandings occurred, or if the delay is due to a misunderstanding by The Client ordering data provided inaccurate or misleading.

8. Prior to the receipt of products and signing a delivery note, recommend to The Client to review the product packaging. By signing the waybill, The Client confirms that the delivery of the products at the time was the whole package, or he is satisfied with the condition of the package (the goods are not damaged). Visible injuries, advised The Client not to accept the goods. Damaged packaging the product must be returned to the courier, and send the information by e-mail nordcombuilding@gmail.com or call the contact phone +37256398473.

5 Return of Products

1. The Client (except for legal persons) are entitled to withdraw from the performance of the purchase, within 14 calendar days of the delivery of products to customers.

2. 14-Day Return policy does not apply to :

- goods that are made taking into account the individual needs of the contracting authority, ie, custom-made products;

- things which by their very nature can not be returned.

3. The returned product must be unused and in original packaging and cancellation request must be sent in writing to the address nordcombuilding@gmail.com Nordcomgallery.ee. We recommend that the Client statement also noted the reasons for the withdrawal.

4.The Client is obliged to return the delivered products to the Nordcomgallery.ee over the 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the order the withdrawal of the product. Return cost of up to € 10 (ten euro) Client shall pay (except where the thing will not correspond to the order or product defects).

5. After receiving the product back Nordcomgallery.ee agrees to return The Client all the money paid for the product , including the Client paid of the product delivery cost to the same account from which the payment was made of the product, within 30 days.

6. For the realization of the right of return and retreat from the transaction The Client should carefully open the packaging of the product and return the product, together with the original packaging, complete configuration, the product must be unused. The principle of intelligent action acts upon return extracted from the packaging of goods.

6 Liability and Force Majeure

1. Nordcomgallery.ee and The Client shall be responsible to each other in violation of the conditions to the other party for damage on the basis of current legislation in the Republic of Estonia.

2. Nordcomgallery.ee shall not be liable for damage caused by delay of delivery of the product, or if the damage or delay is due to the fact that Nordcomgallery.ee could not influence, did not foresee and could not have foreseen (force majeure).

7 Other terms and conditions

1. In the course of The Client shopping Nordcomgallery.ee maintains entered contact information (name, surname, telephone number, voice and e-mail addresses) and information on The Client. The resulting data will be treated as confidential information and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act to trade in the best planning and purchasing habits analysis. Nordcomgallery.ee could not disclose the Client’s personal information to a third party. The Client has the right to see Nordcomgallery.ee information available about him, and to prohibit further data processing.

2. Disputes and differences arising between The Client and Nordcomgallery.ee settled through negotiations between the parties. If the disagreement can not be resolved by compromise, each party has the right to protect their rights in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia (by contacting the Consumer Protection Board or the Tallinn City Court).

8 Disclaimer

1.Product Image is for illustrative purposes only. For example, painting colors may vary from monitor displays the picture in relation to various properties or settings.

2.Nordcomgallery.ee reserves the right to withdraw from the sale if the technical glitch or human error details of the product were entered a large error. For example, enter the product's price is 1 euro instead 1,000 euro .